Immigration thoughts from an Immigration Lawyer.



IMMIGRANTLY is an informational blog created by me, Yan Li, an immigration lawyer. I will provide the most up to date news about immigration law, and share my thoughts and experiences as an immigration lawyer. I hope this blog will help more immigrants and immigrants-to-be better understand immigration laws and find the options they have.

A little about Yan Li…

My first experience of immigration was when I moved from my birth country China to Japan at age 8. I didn’t know any Japanese at that time, and I was put into a public school where I was one of the two foreigners in the whole school. Being a foreigner in a foreign country made me realize my “common sense” is not necessarily common. I gradually learned to observe and adapt to new culture and environment. After graduating from high school in Japan, I came to the United States as an F1 international student. I was amazed by the diversity, flexibility, freedom and possibility in this country. However, my visa status has always been a big concern. Because of my Chinese nationality, my F1 visa was valid only for a year. I feared that my visa renewal would be denied and I couldn’t continue my education in the U.S., so I couldn’t go back to Japan to see my parents until I graduated from university. F1 students are not allowed to work off-campus. So I worked hard to find on-campus jobs, and took extra units per quarter to graduate early when the tuition was charged per quarter, not per unit. Over the years, I got more and more frustrated with my visa status, and I also learned about the complex immigration issues in this country of immigrants. Then I decided to go to law school and become an immigration lawyer, so that I could make the life easier for those foreigners who are striving for success in this country.

This blog was born out of my hope that I can use my experience, knowledge and expertise in immigration to benefit the communities of foreign students, foreign workers, and immigrants. I welcome your comments, questions, suggestions and requests. Please feel free to post your concerns or contact me directly at

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