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New Rule: OPT Extension for STEM Students (Summary of Requirements)

On 03/11/2016, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) published a new rule for OPT extension for STEM students. The biggest benefit for F1 students is the increased length of OPT extension from 17 months to 24 months. Now the STEM students can be employed for 3 years after graduation. However, the new rule also adds new requirements and creates burdens on F1 students and employers by, for example, requiring a formal training plans. The following is the summary of extension application requirements under the new rule.  Continue reading

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Why is it a good idea to file for your immediate family even if you are still an LPR?

It is widely known that a spouse and child (under 21 & unmarried) of a U.S. citizen can get a green card fairly soon. This is because there is no quota on the number of green cards can be issued to those applicants, which means they don’t have so-called “waiting time.” They only have to wait as long as the adjudication process takes (typically half year if applying in the U.S., and 9 months if applying from abroad). Continue reading